Sexual Differences | Sexless Marriage

Did you know that 40 million Americans suffer from a sexless marriage - meaning sex with a partner happens less than 10 times per year?
According to marriage therapist Terry Real, sexless marriages are caused by anger, resentment, and not making the time for intimacy with your partner.
Differences in sexual desire between partners have been at the root of problems in relationships since the dawn of time. The desire for physical intimacy differs among all of us. Job stress, home responsibilities, kids, illness, fluctuation in weight, and hormonal changes all impact our libido.   


What happens when you both become miserable because of the difference in sexual preferences?  


Frequency: One of you feels hounded for sex, and the other feels frustrated and rejected.  


Type of sex: One of you wants to change up what goes on in the bedroom, and the other feels way outside of their comfort zone.  


The tension is escalating between the two of you because of the differences in desire and expectations. Some couples get to a point where they don't even touch each other anymore for fear a discussion about sex will come up.


This is a breeding ground for infidelity.  


Work with me to help the two of you rekindle the spark that brought you together, and to build a new and improved level of intimacy between you.


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