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Blended Care Service Delivery

Great Lakes Counseling Group delivers evidence-based, engaging therapy to our clients in a variety of ways:

  • Messaging - For some clients, text-based therapy effectively treats certain conditions for which clients seek help.  For others, messaging is used from time to time to communicate with a counselor as a supplement to other delivery modes.

  • Assessment - Your counselor will conduct an assessment based on an intake interview, a screening questionnaire, and a video you'll create and upload before you start treatment.  

  • Therapy Exercises - Treatment plans are created collaboratively between the counselor and the client.  Once treatment goals are set, you'll have evidence-based exercises to practice in between sessions to build the healthiest version of you in your real life.  

  • Advice - Full access to all of Terri's articles and advice about relationships and the challenges we face in our lives that affect them.

  • Live Sessions - Live chat, phone, and video sessions are available to clients who subscribe to those services.  This is the more traditional way of therapeutic delivery.

Telehealth services have been around long enough for research to show that its equally as effective as in-person therapy.  It's not appropriate for all clients and each person is screened for appropriateness for remote services.  If the clinician determines the client needs a higher level of mental health care, they will refer the client to another provider.

What makes us different?  Our blended care service delivery model supports the transfer of important skills from the therapy session to the client's real life in real time. 

This is how we create lasting change for our clients.