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You've taken an important step in improving your life!


  • Check your INBOX and SPAM folders from Great Lakes Counseling Group for your intake and consent documents.  Please fill them out at your earliest convenience

  • We'll communicate through an app called Quenza.  It's HIPPA compliant and we can talk privately.  You'll receive an invitation to join by email.  Want to go mobile?  Download the Quenza app on iTunes or Google Play.


  • Once you register, start communicating with your counselor!

For live chat session clients:

  • At the time of your live session log into Quenza and that's where we'll chat at the time you choose.

For live phone session clients:

  • I'll call you at the number you provide me at the time of our live session.

For live video session clients:

  • Click on the link provided to you at the time of our session.

We look forward to working with you!

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