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Why work with me?

Therapist in Columbus Ohio

As a therapist in Columbus Ohio, I can't be all things to all people, so I just focus on relationships.


I keep it real!  I'm down to earth, and non-judgmental.

Does that mean I won't call you or your partner out on your shit?  You bet I will - how else are you going to change?

You may not always love sitting in my office, but if you do the work it will be worth it.

I'm successful in helping people improve their relationships because I take your relationship very seriously and I'll make you work as hard as I will to make it better.

Terri Kern


I like to think that my job is to spread more love around the world!

​I'm a middle-aged woman who grew up the middle child of five kids.  I learned at an early age to speak up or I got trampled on!  My parents were both only children and their dynamic was more like siblings than spouses.  They'd breeze through the hard stuff like child-rearing and finances; they'd not speak for days if my dad took a sip of my mom's pop (true story!)  

My father died the morning after my wedding.  To say the first year of marriage was not what I expected is an understatement.  The marriage lasted five years and we parted friends.  Although it was amicable, it was very painful nonetheless.

My journey to build meaningful healthy relationships inspired me to go back to school and get my Masters in Mental Health Counseling.  I'm a hopeless romantic but I'm also a realist, and my love of problem-solving and critical thinking motivated me to learn as much as possible about the dynamics of relationships and marriage.

My role as a therapist in Ohio is to assess the cause of a couple's problems and provide effective interventions so the couple can resolve them. While the basic approach I use in working with couples is based on the Gottman Theory of Relationships, I bring my own personality and style into the experience.


I'm direct, and I will always tell the truth, which isn't easy to hear sometimes. I believe YOU are in charge of your current and future state with your partner, and I will help you get to the goals the two of you want to achieve.

I make it my business to get training and continue to do so in areas that are essential to working with couples. Sexuality, addressing sexless marriages, and infidelity are examples of areas where I focus my continuing education.  


I'm successful with couples because I'm able to roll my sleeves up and meet you both where you are currently. If you work with me, I take that very seriously, and I'm passionate about helping those who want to benefit from my expertise.

Learn more about my practice here.

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I offer free 15-minute consults!

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