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Free Couples

Counseling Consultation

Doesn't matter where you live in Ohio

I can help you!

Come Prepared To Discuss: 

  1. Your relationship goals

  2. Your availability to meet

  3. Your partner’s availability to meet

  4. Your primary concerns

Partner Can’t Make It? That’s Okay, Too. 

We'll dive into the heart of your relationship challenges. I'll help you identify underlying issues, patterns, and communication barriers that may be hindering your connection. This exploration lays the groundwork for meaningful progress.

Together, we’ll set achievable goals for your relationship. These goals will act as milestones along your journey, providing a clear direction and measuring progress. I’ll support you and your partner in staying motivated and accountable as you work towards these goals.

Great Lakes Counseling Group is not a crisis management practice.  


If you are suicidal or in a life-threatening situation get immediate help:
Call 911 for police and rescue
Call 988 for the suicide hotline
Go to your nearest emergency room

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